SEO Certification

A complete Google-approved SEO program by Google certified company & professionals.

Who Should Attend This SEO Training?

  1. SEO and SEM: Wanting to improve their industry skills
  2. Marketing Executives: Want to reduce PPC/CPC budget and want organic results too
  3. Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their websites
  4. Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients

Lesson 1: Scope & Objective of SEO Training:

  1. Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience
  2. Market your website/product internationally
  3. Experience the power of internet
  4. High paid salaries job
  5. Extra source of income
  6. Freelance working facility

Lesson 2: Learning Outcome Benefits & Advantages SEO Training:

  1. Ability to promote and Handle Own Websites in Search Engines like google, yahoo, msn…
  2. Dos and Don’ts of Website Development and Designing
  3. Capability of Understanding Search Engine Workings
  4. Overview of Latest Search Engine Workings
  5. Understanding of Online Marketing Strategies and Implementations
  6. Difference OF Manual and Automatic Submissions, Monitoring, Reporting
  7. Understanding of Business Oriented Websites
  8. Approaching to International Market
  9. Realizing the Power or Value of Internet
  10. Online Target Market Identification
  11. Identification of Competitors
  12. Understanding of Online Surfers Psychology

Lesson 3: Search Engine Optimization Techniques

  1. Introduction to Search Engine
  2. Choosing the Right Keywords
  3. Competitor Optimization Analysis
  4. Selection of Domain Name and Hosting Company
  5. Keyword Phrase Distribution
  6. Writing Content and Balancing Keyword Density
  7. On page Factor Optimization
  8. SEO formatting Techniques
  9. Development Content for Link Campaign
  10. Search Engine and Directories Submission
  11. Competitors Link Campaign Analysis
  12. Developing Link Building Campaign
  13. Creating Blog
  14. Monitor Your Link Building Campaign
  15. Rank Checking
  16. Monitoring Competitors
  17. Monitoring Your Server Statistics
  18. Going Efforts Required
  19. SPAM or Black hat SEO Practices
  20. Smart SEO Tools & Utilities Implementation
  21. Search Engines History and Algorithmic Updates
  22. Overview of Search Engine Algorithms
  23. Strategy for Internal Linking
  24. Developing Link Building Strategy
  25. Monitoring Your Right Competitors
  26. SEO Friendly Content writing Techniques
  27. Optimizing & Compressing Your Website’s Code
  28. Natural Linking / Organic Link Building ways
  29. Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic
  30. Google optimization
  31. Yahoo optimization
  32. Msn optimization
  33. Creates Effective Title and Meta
  34. Optimizing Navigation and Menus
  35. Duplicate Content issues