Affiliate Marketing Certification

Learn the art of home based income generation using a website and online marketing.

Why Register for Affiliate Marketing Training?

  1. Understand The Principles Of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Define How Affiliate Marketing Fits Within The Marketing Mix
  3. Structure An Affiliate Program That Adds Genuine Value To Your Company
  4. Monitor The Right Data From Your Affiliates
  5. Spend Budget Efficiently By Asking The Right Questions To Suppliers

Course Outline


Lesson 1: About Affiliate Marketing

  1. What Is Online Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How Affiliate Marketing Works
  3. Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing
  4. Setting Realistic Objectives
  5. The Role Of The Affiliate, The Merchant & The Network
  6. Using A Network Or Setting Up Your Own Program
  7. Targeting ‘Niche’ Online Communities
  8. Developing Your Program Strategy
  9. Creating Effective Text And Banner Ads
  10. Identifying And Attracting The Most Suitable Affiliates
  11. Motivating Your Affiliates To Maximize Sales Revenue
  12. The ‘Do’s’ And ‘Don’ts’ Of Affiliate Marketing
  13. Market Overview – Global Spend Generated By Affiliate Marketing
  14. The Mechanics Of Affiliate Marketing
  15. The Role Of The Merchant
  16. The Role Of The Affiliate
  17. The Role Of The Affiliate Network
  18. The Self-Managed Affiliate Program
  19. What Can Affiliate Marketing Achieve?
  20. Improving Your Search Engine Marketing
  21. Accessing Independent Online Communities
  22. Developing Products And Services Through Affiliate Relationships

Lesson 2: Planning A Fully Integrated Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Assessing And Auditing Your Existing Online Marketing
  2. Setting Objectives For Your Affiliate Marketing Program
  3. Budgeting And Controlling Costs
  4. Devising A High Performance Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  5. A Checklist To Identify, Assess And Select The Best Affiliate Partners
  6. The Tools To Review And Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Existing Affiliate Marketing Programs
  7. The Tools To Plan, Manage And Refine A New Or Existing Affiliate Marketing Program
  8. The Means And Methods To Generate Hot Leads And Ongoing Sales Through Affiliate Marketing
  9. Ethics And Best Practice

Lesson 3: Creating An Affiliate Network

  1. Network Or Self Managed? – Determining The Best Option For Your Needs
  2. An Evaluation Of The Network Providers
  3. The Benefits Of Working With One Or More Network
  4. How You Measure Your Program Manager’s Performance

Lesson 4: Making Affiliate Marketing Work For You

  1. Identifying, Recruiting And Optimizing Your Affiliate Partners
  2. Ensuring Your Website Is Affiliate-Friendly
  3. Motivating And Rewarding Affiliates
  4. Protecting And Building Your Brand
  5. Integrating Your Affiliate Program With Your Wider Marketing Strategy

Lesson 5: The Latest Innovations In Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 6: Case Studies